Zagreb Apartment Tour in Croatia

Come join us for an apartment tour in Zagreb, Croatia as we showcase our weeklong airbnb rental:

Our apartment:
AirBnB discount:

What loved about this place was first and foremost the location as we were right in the heart of the old town and secondly the courtyard with a friendly cat. Other pluses include a spacious livingroom, kitchen and bedroom but on the downside the apartment didn’t have a washing machine which kind of sucked. Overall though for the price you pay we think this is a great value place to stay.

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Zagreb Apartment Tour in Croatia Video Transcript:

Alright guys it is time for our Zagreb apartment tour. We have just come back from our last day of sightseeing. We are leaving tomorrow. This right here is our building.

Also I would like to mention there is a cat that lives in this courtyard. And this is what the apartment looks like from the outside. Okay. Let’s go check it out. Going upstairs.

Turn on the light. And we are on the second floor right? First floor. Because the ground doesn’t count. Ah, it is so nice we didn’t have to carry our luggage all the way up. Like we have in the past.

Come on in. So here we are. Inside the apartment. Nice and cozy. This is the part where I admit we’ve been here a week and the place is an absolute mess.

And we are now ready for the apartment tour to commence.

So if you follow me this is our living area which is pretty spacious. I really enjoyed it. So we had a massive couch which was so nice for like lounging and watching a little bit of Netflix.

We had a TV that we didn’t really use. And then our window looks out into the courtyard.

And then we had a little work desk that I did use but now it is just like storing our electronics. So yeah, that is kind of like the living area. Then if you follow me this way into the bedroom.

Nice big bed and we had a gazillion blankets in the closet. Oh yeah. Which was nice. Yeah, we’ve been actually using them. It has been getting chilly at night.

Okay moving on. The bathroom. Oh and in case we didn’t let you guys know we have really high ceilings.

So it is a pretty good size bathroom I would say. So I’ll just quickly show you guys the shower. That was the one thing the only liability of this place is it doesn’t have a washing machine.

Sink and toilet. That is the bathroom for ya.

And the heating system in this apartment just so I can show you here. A radiator. This is actually how you turn it on. That is how you turn on both the hot water and the heating the central heating for the house.

Into the kitchen. Sam’s office. This is where he hung out. Computer desk. We made tea here.

Um, yeah that is the kitchen really. There is microwave we didn’t use. I did use the stove. I was making lots of pasta and polenta. Yep. Yeah, we ended up cooking here more than most other places. We made tonnes of pasta, salads.

And now let’s talk about the price.

How much did this place cost? Money time. So this place cost 33 US dollars a night. Obviously if you stay for a week like us then you get a discount as well. And this place had a phenomenal location. Right in the heart of the Old Town. We were nearby several different grocery stores. We had great restaurant options. Both like kind of for fancy dining but also lots of bakeries. And we had a beautiful park just down the street. Yeah, I went jogging. I just felt right at home here. And you had a cat. A cat in the courtyard. It is like this place couldn’t have been better. I’m going to miss the cat. I’m still going to try to arrange some tuna. A can of tuna for it. At night but um yeah that is getting a little off topic but anyways so yeah that is it for our time here in Zagreb, Croatia. Next up is Zadar. We are going to be heading back to the coast and then basically following the rest of our time in the Balkans. It is going to be along the coast so yeah. Alright, tata

This is part of our Travel in Croatia video series showcasing Croatian food, Croatian culture and Croatian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.

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